A Man Called Truth, Pt. 1: The 70’s Job

Emet removed the knife from the throat of the grey-haired man on the floor. He wedged a black-booted toe beneath the man’s shoulder and nudged him over on his side. He bent down and grabbed the man’s wrist, lifting his arm. With a precise, almost surgical skill, he severed the ring finger and caught it as he let go of the wrist.

Emet took a plastic sandwich bag from the pocket of his black leather jacket and stuffed the finger—still wearing the ring—inside, proof that the job was done. He stuffed the baggie back in his pocket (along with the knife) and knelt there for a moment, muttering a few foreign words under his breath.

He stood up and walked to the door, loud music blaring from the discotheque as he exited the small back office. He worked his way through the crowded disco, fighting the swaying and grinding bodies of couples dancing to “I Wanna Kiss You All Over,” and a few whores who thought that the tall, muscular, handsome man with curly black hair might make an excellent customer for the evening. They would have been disappointed that he had neither the inclination nor the equipment needed for the enterprise. He also didn’t have much money, which would have depressed them further.

He exited the bar through the front door, taking no precautions whatsoever to conceal his identity. He didn’t need to. If all went according to plan, he would be dead by the time the police started asking questions.

He walked away from the building, the intense blue and red neon flashing “Boogie Wunderland” behind him. He found a taxi parked on the street and got into the back seat.

“Where to?” the cabbie asked. He was middle-aged, fat and balding.

Emet made no answer, but coughed loudly.

“I said, where to, buddy?” The cabbie was getting pissed. And nervous. He could smell trouble, and this big motherfucker reeked of it.

Emet’s mud-colored eyes glazed over and he started wretching violently. He bent over, gagging.

“Hey, hey!!! No pukin’ in my taxi, you son of a bitch. Get out!” The cabbie started to reach beneath his seat where he kept his peacemaker .38 Special, but saw Emet straightening up in the rear view mirror.

Emet opened his mouth and pulled out a piece of paper. The taxi-driver’s jaw dropped. The paper looked dry.

“Go here, please,” Emet said in a deep, hoarse voice. He handed the driver the small, torn sheet of a memo pad.

The driver took the paper (it was dry) and noted the address. He looked even more confused.

“Do you know who the hell lives here?” he asked, but Emet just sat there, staring straight ahead and spoke no reply.

“Do you know him?” the taxi asked.

Emet was silent.

“Aw, fuck it. It’s your dough.” He turned the key and the taxi’s engine vroomed. The driver pulled away from the curb and drove into the night with Emet sitting silently in the back seat.

Emet didn’t have much in the way of a brain, but his instinct made up for it. And his instinct told him that the taxi driver, although his name wasn’t inscribed on the list of deeds, would have to be dealt with.

“I can’t believe you fuckin’ know him!” the cabbie driver said.

As quiet as the whisper of a snake sliding up behind it’s prey, Emet reached into his pocket and fingered the handle of the knife.


24 responses to “A Man Called Truth, Pt. 1: The 70’s Job

  1. I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t finish this, and if this wasn’t written so well, I’d be pissed.

    The only thing that could anger me more would be if you don’t post part 2 next week.

    I hope you take my anger the right way, because it’s a major complement to you.

    • Wow! Thanks, Michael! I will take it as a compliment. I will post part 2 next week…so no worries. I’m working on the bones (heh heh) of it right now. I also may post these as Tuesday Serials, because I think there will even be more stories to tell. I hope you keep coming back for more of them. 🙂

  2. You best not mess with Emet. Certainly turned that figure dangerous in under a thousand words…

  3. I am gripped, and intrigued, I can smell bad and nasty happenings aplenty on the way, Emet does not seem the sort of guy you would want to be around.

    I still have echoes of “Bleeding out” in my head, and am eager for more of the same. I do hope that this is a bigger project though.

    • Thank you, Steve. There are plenty of bad happenings to come. Let’s put it this way…when he coughs up that paper…you need to pray your name/location is not on it! Though, that’s not likely to do you any good! I’m glad you liked the story! Stay tuned for more!

  4. I will definitely not mess with Emet even tho I haven clue who or what he is. Intriguing beginning – I’m looking forward to more!

  5. Really interesting concept. I like the stark descriptions at the beginning. Looking forward to more!

  6. GREAT story. The scene in the taxi was vivid and well played. Loved the dialogue and descriptions which made everything very immersive. Well done.

    • Thank you, Monica. I enjoyed writing this story a lot. I’m half-way through writing part 2 which has a limo scene…and planning part 3. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you’ll continue to read the other chapters as they come online. 😀

  7. Very engaging. I’m very much looking forward to the next part.

    Well done.

  8. What a great beginning! I find the fact that the paper was dry and that he had “that he had neither the inclination nor the equipment” for the whores the most intriguing. I can’t wait to see what you have for us next week!

  9. Talk about whetting the appetite! Great first instalment: a bite sized tease, if you will. Looking forward to the next time…..

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  12. Really well done – such a sinister and compelling character you’ve created here. Definitely cross post as a Tuesday Serial to grab more eyeballs. Well, not literally, please. 😮
    Glad I’m not a cabbie.

    • Thanks, Jon. I’m glad you like it. I may not be able to post them all to #fridayflash, but I’ll try. My life is really hectic at the moment.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Love the eyeball humor. 😮

  13. WOW. Seriously, wow. Never been to your site before, caught this through flash Friday and am very, VERY impressed. Wow.

  14. Thanks, Bev! Glad you like it. This little serial needs all the readers it can get. 😀

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