Killer #3: Janie ’99

A Portrait of the Killer as a Young Man, fondly remembering “his first”:

tipsy, tripsy

shadow slipsy

janie spilled her wine

tried to fight it

<something not right here>

The Stranger seemed so kind

drowsy, ow-sy

feeling lousy

<dull ache in her head>

gripping, ripping

blade now dripping

soon she will be dead.


3 responses to “Killer #3: Janie ’99

  1. This totally creeped me out. Which I’m assuming was the intended response. 🙂

  2. Yes, that’s exactly the response. This is the Killer’s first victim… and I picture him in my head as a very young man, barely out of teen years… thus the sing-song approach to his poem.

    The fact that he knows her name creeped me out when I wrote it. Killers usually like to keep some anonymity with their victims. They can more easily disassociate.

    Thanks for the comment, Chuck. 🙂

  3. It feels like an uber disturbing nursery rhyme. Love it.

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