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Killer #3: Janie ’99

A Portrait of the Killer as a Young Man, fondly remembering “his first”:

tipsy, tripsy

shadow slipsy

janie spilled her wine

tried to fight it

<something not right here>

The Stranger seemed so kind

drowsy, ow-sy

feeling lousy

<dull ache in her head>

gripping, ripping

blade now dripping

soon she will be dead.



like paraffin wax in a flame

my scars are dripping,

i lay this cumbersome ideology aside…

worship you, only you.

even through the deepness

where the shadow falls on me,

fading light touches skin: shows

scar tissue—

there i’ve cut your name

over and over again—

my beautiful ritual of you.


“Drink, drink until your thirst is slaked.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Eat up!” There’s more than enough to go around.  What a quantity of food!”

“Enough for seconds…thirds….midnight snacks…”

“Such tasty temptations! Such mouth-watering morsels! Such delightful delicacies! An awesome ambrosia!”

No one could much understand all the blips and bleeps and blurps the aliens were making.

Later we translated it, but by then it was too late.

Our biggest mistake was thinking that the aliens just wanted to be friendly.

Oh, they liked us all right.  Parts of us anyway.

Except for the bits they picked out of their teeth.

(file under…”It’s a fucking cookbook, you idiots!)