Links to my #FridayFlash and #TuesdaSerial stories as they appear on this site. Listing order and titles of future installments are tentative and subject to change at the author’s discretion.

A Man Called Truth—A Web Serial

Part 1: The 70’s Job

Part 2: Lamentations

Part 3: Big Shot

Part 4: Inheritance

Part 5: Mazarel

Part 6: The Requirement

Part 7: The Pogrom

Part 8: Ashes, Ashes

Part 9: Be Real

Part 10: Heart of Stone (tentative)

Part 11: End of the Line (tentative)

Bleeding Out—A Story in Two Parts (though Mangrin & Co. may return)

Part One

Part Two

Other stories:

I Heard the Bells (A Christmas #FridayFlash)

Cinnamon & Spice

Mad Skills